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Childhood Cancer

About Childhood Cancer

Most types of childhood (or children) cancer are different from those usually found in adults. Unlike many adult cancers, childhood cancer is rarely linked to environmental or lifestyle risk factors. Instead, they occur as a result of cell mutations early in the child’s life, or in the womb before birth.
In 2012, around 889 cases of childhood cancer were registered in Malaysia, with the five most common types being: leukaemia, brain tumour, lymphoma, kidney and liver. 
It is a very challenging and difficult time when a child is diagnosed with cancer. The child with cancer and everyone close to them may go through many different feelings and emotions. First reactions may include disbelief, anger, shock, sadness and fear.

This information was produced in collaboration with The Paediatric Integrated Cancer Service (PICS), parents and staff from the Oncology units at both The Royal Children’s Hospital, Melbourne & Monash Children's, Monash Health, Melbourne and ONTrac, Peter Mac Victorian Adolescent and Young Adult (AYA) Cancer Service.