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Financial Help

Your financial relief against cancer
There are funds or sources of funds you can tap on for your cancer treatment and to cover living cost, should you stop work temporarily and permanently.

Check with your employer if there is employee insurance coverage or your own medical insurance or riders of whole life policies will cover your treatment. 

Government servants should find out the extent of coverage and room rates for their treatment in government and private clinics.

Others will have to look from their savings, EPF and investments for their treatment costs.
There may be some religious organisations and foundations who may give a one-time payment for the treatment, aid for medical equipment and at times for your daily living costs.
  • Religious Bodies - Baitulmal, Churches, Buddist Tsi Chu, temple trusts
  • Foundations - Kuok Foundation
  • NGO Funds -Makna, Pride, BCWA, Sarawak Children’s cancer society, CARIF
  • Government - Jabatan Kebajikan Masyarakat, Yayasan Kebajikan Negara
  • Public appeal - patients can go to the newspapers, social organisations such as Rotary clubs, inner wheel, etc. and relate their personal challenges to get public donations or they have a charity event organised to raise money
  • EPF - Malaysians are able to withdraw money from one of their Employees Provident Fund (EPF) accounts for the treatment of 36 critical illnesses. The list of 36 critical illnesses provided by EPF states the eligibility for the withdrawal of the funds to treat conditions such as multiple sclerosis, stroke, cancer, and has now been expanded to include Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, chronic liver and lung diseases and lupus. 
Under the EPF Health Withdrawal scheme, members are allowed to withdraw from the Account II to pay for their own family members’ medical costs for the treatment of critical illnesses. 

Family members including spouses, children, step-children or legally adopted children, parents, in-laws, step-parents or legal foster parents and siblings may also make joint withdrawals with family members to cover the required medical expenses. According to EPF, members are not eligible for the withdrawal if the medical treatment cost are fully covered by their employer or if they are receiving fertility or alternative treatments.

For more information, log on to, contact EPF’s call centre at 03-8922-6000 or visit its nearest branch.
  • SOCSO - Employees suffering from employment injuries or occupational diseases may receive free medical treatment at SOCSO’s panel clinics or Government clinics / hospitals. The employee is required to undergo treatment until they are fully recovered. 

SOCSO’S Invalidity Scheme
An individual suffering from a morbid condition of permanent or incurable nature and no longer able to earn at least one-third (1/3) of his/her customary earnings are considered as suffering from “invalidity”. 

The aid is in the form of 24-hour coverage available to workers who are suffering from invalidity or death due to non-work related reasons. A few examples of chronic conditions accepted under this scheme include cardiovascular diseases, cancer, mental health issues and asthma. 

A list of benefits under the Invalidity Scheme are as follows:
  • Invalidity Pension
  • Invalidity Grant
  • Constant-attendance Allowance
  • Survivor’s Pension
  • Funeral Benefit 
  • Facilities for Physical and Vocational Rehabilitation and Dialysis
  • Return to Work programme
  • Education Benefit
Eligibility Criteria 
  • Qualifying Age Conditions: have not reached the age of 60 years old when applying for the Invalidity Scheme. If the applicant has reached the age of 60, he/she must prove that the condition occurred before he/she reached the age of 60 years old and has not worked since the diagnosis
  • Verified as “invalid” by a medical board
  • Qualifying Contribution Conditions: the applicant must meet the eligibility criteria that has been set for the full contribution or reduced contribution options
For further details on the eligibility criteria, please visit:
The applicant must fill in the forms and provide relevant information as listed on the SOCSO website provided above.

How to apply for financial assistance:
Financial assistance from Yayasan Kebajikan Negara
How to apply:
  • Compose an application letter with details on the type of assistance needed. The application must include complete personal details of the applicant together with their family’s details such as age, home address, contact number and other relevant information.
  • The application must be accompanied by a copy of birth certificate/identification card, pay slips and EPF statement (those who are employed), a letter from a government doctor (for medical treatment), a copy of the applicant’s disability card (if applicant is disabled), driving license class A (for three wheeled motorcycle application), quotations for any equipment, proposal (for NGO) and other related documents.
  • Malaysian citizens who possess a valid identification card (permanent residents are not eligible)
  • Non-government employees /former government employees or family members of government employees who receive medical benefits under the JPA scheme
  • Low income group (a family income RM720.00 and blow for residents in rural areas and below RM1,200.00 for residents in urban areas)
  • Does not receive assistance from any other party/department or any employer that offers its employees medical benefits
Majlis Agama Islam Wilayah Persekutuan – Bantuan Perubatan (medical assistance)
  • Muslim
  • Malaysian
  • A resident of the Federal Territory for not less than one (1) year and is currently residing in Wilayah Persekutuan
  • Subjected to Al-Kifayah calculation (dependent on gross income)

Jabatan Kebajikan Masyarakat (Department of Social Welfare)
You may apply for financial assistance from the Department of Social Welfare by submitting the following form:

PRIDE Patient Fund (Tabung Pesakit PRIDE)​
There are two types of PRIDE Patient Fund (PPF) available, which comprise of either a staggered payment or a one-off payment. All applications are to be faxed to PRIDE Foundation at: 03 7960 1366

Details and the application form for the PRIDE Patient Fund (PPF) can be found at:

Tabung Bantuan Perubatan (medical relief fund)​
Guidelines on assistance under the medical Assistance Fund (TBP)
  1. Malaysian
  2. Underprivileged with verification by the Officer of Medical Social Worker or Department of Social Welfare
  3. Referred by a government hospital
  4. Disabled person(s) must be registered with the Department of Social Welfare
Types of assistance offered:
  1. Fully or partial financial assistance with medical costs in facilities that are not available in the government hospitals
  2. Fully or partial financial assistance with the cost of purchasing drugs that are not supplied by government hospitals but registered with the National Bureau of pharmaceuticals; and
  3. Fully or partial financial assistance with the cost of purchasing medical and rehabilitation equipment that is not provided by government hospitals
Further details and forms associated with the fund can be accessed here:

Tabung Bantuan Penyakit Kronik (Negeri Terengganu) (Financial aid for chronic diseases (Terengganu state)
Eligibility criteria:
  1. Applicant must be from the state of Terengganu or has resided in the state for more than 10 years and must obtain verification from local leaders
  2. The applicant or guardian must be registered as a voter with the Election Commission and is a voter in the state of Terengganu
  3. Government employees or retirees, or any family members of government employees who receive medical benefits are not eligible to apply
  4. Payment is only made to the hospital or provider and not to the applicant
The application form for the fund can be accessed here:

The PUSPADARA PUSPANITA fund (TPP) is a fund established to seek financial contributions for PUSPANITA members and families suffering with chronic diseases such as cancer and AIDS.

To be eligible, the applicant must be a member of PUSPANITA for at least two years. Further details and relevant forms for the fund can be accessed on their website: